About Us

Hi, my name is Hanna...

I have had a lifelong passion for travel, which stemmed from growing up in a small country in the heart of Europe, and the fact that my mother instilled in me the wonderful diversity of the world and the importance of understanding people. I have experienced the Norwegian simplicity, the Swiss sense of entrepreneurship, but the renowned natural beauty and cosmopolitan vibe of Vancouver has attracted me to Canada to begin a new life chapter.

After graduating in Business Management I found myself thinking of the concept and a way to combine the Vancouver uniqueness and diversity with its natural beauty. I found it in flowers, because they speak a universal language of their own. They have the ability to express feelings across cultures without using words.

VanFlorista has been derived from two words. "Van" stands for the beautiful city of Vancouver in Canada, and "Florista" is the word for a florist in Spanish.

People in Vancouver commonly use flower delivery to make their occasions memorable and to make a loved one feel special. Flowers are not everlasting, but the emotions and sentiments behind them are. Moreover, flowers can be arranged in beautiful and intricate bouquets to enhance their beauty and add a touch of creativity in your gift.

To this day, flowers are used across the world for almost any occasion. Flowers make a great addition to weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, new baby wishes, achievements and more.

VanFlorista is dedicated to bringing you the freshest flowers in Vancouver, always!